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The IJBST Journal Group Serves Free since Establishment in year 2008

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The IJBST Journal Group subscribes to the San Francisco Declaration on Research Assessment and the The European Code of Conduct for Research Integrity

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Call for Submission of Papers / Articles / Manuscripts to the IJBST Journal Group


(last revised December 28, 2018)

The non-profit peer-reviewed open-access IJBST Journal Group invites research articles reporting research carried out in core/multidisciplinary/interdisciplinary/allied areas as listed below.

The Journals do NOT charge any fees for submission/evaluation/processing/publication/access.

Manuscript formatting & submission guidelines and Editorial Policies are outlined at

Papers need to be submitted (fulfilling Manuscript formatting and submission guidelines, after reading through the Editorial Policy) to the Editor at the email id given in the appropriate Journal website.

Prior to submitting, kindly examine whether the manuscript fits into the scope of the Journal chosen from the given list on the right hand side of this page. If there is any doubt, email the Editor.

List of Major Interdisciplinary areas covered by the IJBST Journal Group linked to the Bio/Life Core:

Allied Health Sciences (All Areas),

Atmospheric Sciences,





BioMedical Engineering,





Environmental Engineering,










Medical Informatics,

Medical Sciences,




Public Health

Remote Sensing

Social Sciences and

All related areas in Bio, LifeSciences, Medical & Health Technology

IJBST Journal Group

The IJBST Journal Group serves free since establishment in 2008.

The parent Journal IJBST inherited portions of it into multiple Journals, with an interdisciplinary multidisciplinary focus, attempting to provide a fair platform, encouragement and patronage to researchers in challenging areas with ultimate aim to help make the world a better place to live in.

The IJBST Journal and all Journals in the group (as listed at ) serve Science, Mankind & Nature at the highest levels of Professional Ethical Conduct, and help to improve the approaches of research, education, promotion and interdisciplinary multidisciplinary efforts by fostering a multidimensional nature of research, industrial and educational systems as they relate to the promotion of knowledge for the betterment of mankind and human life, together with that of Nature.

The IJBST Journal Group also provides free subscription to Universities, Colleges, Institutions & Organizations

The IJBST Journal Group is adorned with some of the most eminent people that the world has ever seen, decorated as

· The Patrons

· The Visitors

· The Presidium

· The Advisory Board

· The Editorial Board

The IJBST Journal Group is indexed by




The Founding Editor of the IJBST Journal Group is Prof. Dr. Prabhu Britto Albert

IJBST Journal Group

Intl. J. BioSciences and Technology IJBST

Intl. J. Medical Sciences and Technology IJMST

Intl. J. Life Sciences and Technology IJLST

Intl. J. Biological Sciences and Technology IJBLST

Intl. J. BioSciences, Psychiatry and Technology IJBSPT

Intl. J. BioSciences, Alternative and Holistic Medicine IJBSAHM

Intl. J. BioSciences, Healthcare Technology and Management IJBHTM

Intl. J. BioEngineering, NeuroSciences and Technology IJBNST

Intl. J. Innovation IJInn

Intl. J. BioEngineering and Technology IJBET

Intl. J. BioSciences, Agriculture and Technology IJBSAT

Intl. J. Food Safety, Nutrition, Public Health and Technology IJFSNPHT

Intl. J. Law, Psychology and Human Life IJLPHL

Intl. J. Education, Development, Society and Technology IJEDST

Intl. J. BioEngineering, CardioPulmonary Sciences and Technology IJBCPST

Intl. J. BioSciences, Forensics and Technology IJBFT

Intl. J. BioEngineering, Endocrinology, Reproductive Sciences and Technology IJBERST

Intl. J. BioEngineering, Orthopaedic Sciences and Technology IJBOST

Intl. J. BioEngineering, Pediatric Sciences and Technology IJBPST

Intl. J. BioEngineering, Dermatological Sciences and Technology IJBDST

Intl. J. BioSciences, Linguistics, Communication and Media Technology IJBLCMT

Intl. J. BioArchitecture and Technology IJBAT

Intl. J. BioAssistive and Rehabilitation Technology IJBART

Intl. J. Applied Biostatistics and Technology IJABT

Intl. J. Pharmaceutical Drugs, Sciences and Technology IJPDST

Intl. J. Veterinary Sciences and Technology IJVST

Intl. J. BioSciences, Catalysis and Technology IJBSCT

Intl. J. BioMedical Physics and Technology IJBMPT